US warns against India-Iran Chabahar pact

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US cautions against India-Iran Chabahar agreement

After India’s 10-year contract signing to oversee Iran’s Chabahar port, the US has issued a warning, reiterating its ongoing sanctions on Tehran. The message underscores that anyone engaging in business dealings with Iran must acknowledge the potential risks involved.

Concurrently, Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department, indicated that India would address its foreign policy objectives independently.

“I’ll defer to the Indian government to articulate its foreign policy objectives concerning the Chabahar port and its relationship with Iran,” Patel stated during Monday’s daily press briefing.

Acknowledging reports of the Iran-India deal on Chabahar Port, Patel advised caution: “Entities or individuals exploring business with Iran should be mindful of the risks, including potential sanctions.”

The Long-Term Bilateral Contract for operating Chabahar Port, Iran’s only ocean port, was formalized on Monday between India’s Indian Ports Global Limited (IPGL) and Iran’s Port & Maritime Organisation (PMO).

Patel affirmed that US sanctions on Tehran persist and will be enforced, denying New Delhi an exemption for the deal. “US sanctions on Iran remain in place, and we will continue to enforce them,” he emphasized, clarifying that India was not exempted from sanctions for this agreement.

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