GITEX 2022 – The largest exhibition of robots, technology and artificial intelligence in Dubai

GITEX 2022

GITEX 2022

The Largest Exhibition of Robots, Technology, and Artificial Intelligence in Dubai

GITEX 2022 Gitex-2022 the world’s largest exhibition of robots and future Technologies took place in Dubai revolutionary developments Innovative Technologies futuristic Solutions robots and unmanned cars we’ve chosen all the most interesting things for you. World Trade Center’s 20 Halls accommodated over 500 companies who brought their latest Solutions and Concepts hoping to interest the government of the United Arab Emirates which actively innovates in a variety of areas of life in their country Dubai metaverse’s strategy for sees the creation of more than forty thousand new virtual jobs in the Emirate by 2030.

Intelligent devices unmanned vehicles and mixed reality are how the Dubai and Emirati authorities see the near future so let’s look at the best exhibits from the show foreign show today without Amica.

GITEX 2022 - The largest exhibition of robots, technology and artificial intelligence in Dubai

GITEX in Dubai – The largest exhibition of robots, technology and artificial intelligence in Dubai

Amica Robotos which recently gained the ability to answer visitors’ questions on their own without an operator hidden in the background Amica is currently the most famous humanoid platform with realistic facial expressions and unique designs using the movements of the face head shoulders and arms the robot imitates human reactions in Dubai the robot showed not only part of Etisalat’s Cutting Edge exhibit but also a new exhibit or collaborator at the Museum of the future.

X Turismo x-Turismo is a flying motorcycle from x-Turismo the X Turismo limited edition in Dubai in general there’s a great interest in unmanned and flying vehicles negotiations with the Dubai Police to create flying hoverbikes were led by a company with Russian Roots called hover surf now a startup from Tokyo has hit the spotlight at Gitex 2022 its exterismo is equipped with a standard engine and four additional battery-powered engines the developers promise a 40-minute flight at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

GITEX 2022 - X Turismo

GITEX Dubai 2022 – X Turismo

X2 Flying Car included a public takeoff flight and safe landing of the 5th generation aeromobile from the Chinese company x-pang although prototypes have been around for ages the actual commercial flying car is still quite Elusive and now finally the EV tall X2 autonomous two-seat electric vehicle marks a new era of short-haul flights and Mobile Solutions based on artificial intelligence at least that’s what the manufacturers are claiming the X2 has a maximum takeoff weight of 760 kilograms and weighs 560 kilograms without passengers.

it can reach a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour and offers a 35-minute flight time constructed from high-quality carbon fiber the vehicle is equipped with a parachute for safety whether xpen was able to secure a contract in Dubai to launch this air mobile is not yet known.

GITEX 2022 - X2 Flying Car

GITEX 2022 – X2 Flying Car

SkyDrive brought its prototype of an unmanned cab to the show the company’s been working on flying cars for several Summers and it’s already demonstrated a brief flight of this prototype it was previously announced that the startup will launch an air cap to transport visitors to the World Expo in Osaka in 2025 and recently it became known that SkyDrive has entered into an agreement with Suzuki motor which should help make this plan a reality since then the concept design has changed a bit we await the actual prototype and First Flight of the vehicle.

Stellar Gitex 2021 was a concept car from Mercedes called Avatar this year the futuristic Cadillac interspace autonomous electric car conquered the show with its design the two-seat vehicle focused on allowing passengers to completely disconnect and enjoy the ride without worrying about driving for passenger Comfort not only the doors are lifted up but also the roof of the car the windshield is only a tribute to tradition as half of it is covered by a huge curb display

that shows media with its own software based on the operating system justify from Linux there are no familiar controls they’re not needed Cadillac interspace is only a concept as of now but it’s fully consistent with the concept of converting 25 of all transportation in Dubai to fully autonomous by 2030.

GITEX 2022 - Stellar

GITEX 2022 – Stellar1

Robotic Charging, of course, the robotic cars of the future will need robotic charging the idea has been wandering around for years now, and sooner or later it’s bound to become a reality our prediction is within three years but what do you think let us know in the comments.


Robotic Microscope with VHS technology a specially designed head display allows the surgeon to interact with the robotic arm on which the microscope is mounted to increase the accuracy and speed of complex surgeries the robotic scope detects the surgeon’s head movement and controls the robot’s camera accordingly in the front of the surgeon’s eyes are two digital microdisplays that show a three-dimensional image of the operating field in real-time while the robotic arm and Camera Head perform the corresponding movements with high precision.

other exhibits at the show include a giant 3D head from the general office of Resident and alien Affairs it told visitors how Biometrics would be used outside of airports and at border checkpoints specifically Biometrics could speed up Financial transactions at all Air land and seaports in Dubai if the data is of high quality it can also be used by other government and non-governmental organizations to better serve their customers according to the head of the department.

GITEX 2022 -Robotic Microscope

GITEX 2022 -Robotic Microscope

Pill Bot Robotic Tablet from Silicon Valley-based company India TX allows you to perform an Endoscopy in the comfort of your own home simply swallow the polycarbonate pill filled with water and call the doctor on Zoom the pill passes through the gastrointestinal tract splash water in six different directions and allows you and your doctor to watch a fascinating or not so fascinating video if the doctor sees something that can be treated with pills he can prescribe them on the spot and if something more serious is found you can go to the hospital for a follow-up.

GITEX 2022 - Pill Bot Robotic

GITEX 2022 – Pill Bot Robotic

Mini Robot developed by the Dubai Institute for technological innovation can follow people or explore spaces to find in case of accidents it’s designed for use in factories and warehouses.

Promo Bot was also featured at Gitex 2022 bringing an unexpected solution called robot heads smart heads are a separate ready-made solution that can communicate with the audience answer questions and help employees from various organizations according to the developer’s proprietary technology and patented designs allow the robot to reproduce more than 600 variants of human micro mimicry to maintain the dialogue the robots use their own dialogue platform promo button nested chat it allows you to understand the text and spoken language extracting the necessary information and providing a native response according to the creators of the robot humanoid droids of roboc model is in great demand in the Middle East.

Robo’s Sculptor a continuation of the idea of a robotic masseur whereas earlier manipulators mostly worked with one or two body zones this robot could not only do a professional massage but also make aesthetic corrections to the whole body the developers claim lymphatic drainage anti-cellulite effect and therapy after exercise the robotic arm with a roller is completed by a high-speed 3D scanner of the whole body and the massage protocol is created by artificial intelligence.

GITEX 2022 - Robo's Sculptor

GITEX 2022 – Robo’s Sculptor

Crew’s Origin according to the director general of the Dubai roads and Transportation Authority these robot cars will be deployed in limited numbers next year and the number will increase over time.

Taxi Minibus it will be used for the first time during the Etihad Airways Grand Prix Abu Dhabi in November the bus will stop at eight points on Yaz Island and carry up to seven passengers at a time LED screens in the cabin show passengers a map of the route with stops and entertainment content in 2023 the bus will be tested on sariyat island in free mode.

GITEX 2022 - Taxi Minibus

GITEX 2022 Dubai – Taxi Minibus

Thermite RS3 robot firefighter from Howe and Howe the robots powered by a 36.8 Yanmar engine and reaches speeds of up to 13 kilometers per hour and has ranges of up to 500 meters it can deliver water flows at 2500 gallons per minute depending on the model the robot can be controlled remotely from a safe distance and the belly pack controller provides high definition video feedback for maximum maneuverability in challenging environments.

Neo Octocopter from flycam the Drone is produced by Ace core Technologies in the Netherlands and flycam in cooperation with radiation instrument manufacturers develops reliable systems for the Drone to help it carry a payload the Neo in this configuration is already in use by a number of companies.

Humanoid Robot dressed as a construction worker was seen in one of The Pavilions it interacted with people but most likely reading a pre-recorded program about the booth.

GITEX 2022 - Humanoid Robot

GITEX 2022 Global – Humanoid Robot

Swiss Mile was rocking a robot at the show but was unable to find any videos of its performance at Gitex 2022 Swiss mile is a partner of the robotic systems lab of the Zurich University of Technology and is developing the animal robot in the company’s version of the robot can Traverse the roughest terrains at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour and balance on two legs in humanoid mode the four-legged robot

can be used commercially for surveillance during large-scale Building Inspections or search and rescue operations it can carry and deliver items up to 100 kilograms the robot is also waterproof to a depth of one meter and has a battery life of up to 10 hours at this time this machine costs two hundred thousand dollars.

Warfik is for checking and auditing stations and reading meters in remote areas as you may have guessed it’s spot Boston Dynamics adapted to detect faults and checks the connection points of high voltage cables it can also be used to detect leaks and water pipes Patrol and safety surveillance and to ensure consistency and construction work and hard to reach areas.

Autobot mobile robots made an appearance at Gitex 2022 Global these robotic deliveries have already proven themselves at the Cincinnati and Rome airports where they deliver food and duty-free Goods to waiting passengers businesses can rent delivery robots on a subscription basis and Order customization to add cooling or heating to food and beverages for example.

Acer Booth Spatial Labs has the capability of turning an ordinary monitor into 3D technology enabling an immersive experience to an advanced Optical system with real-time display and visualization Solutions the tool combines eye-tracking stereoscopic 3D displays real-time visualization capabilities and artificial intelligence Tech.

Pepper Robots mobile service robots including PUD robotic waiters and service humanoid robots developed in Saudi Arabia were also not left out of the show.

GITEX 2022 in Dubai

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