How To Fix Run Diagnostic Scan For HP Laptops

How To Fix Run Diagnostic Scan For HP Laptops

Hey Guys, bringing you another do-it-yourself computer repair tutorial, Run Diagnostic Scan for HP Laptops – Today I have a solution for the problem of an HP Laptop here and I’m going to show you how to run an HP is self Diagnostics can sometimes your computer is giving you error codes or it’s beeping or you can’t boot up or for whatever reason, your computer’s not running right and you want to just run this scan to find out what’s wrong with your computer.

Run Diagnostic Scan For HP Laptops

This is a great way that HP has given us to do this it’s one of the nice things about their computers. So, assuming that you cannot start your computer up! and I’m gonna show you how to get into this from a start-up and those of you who can’t start your computer up this is still a good way to access it.

Shutting Off My Computer

So, my computer shut off and I’m gonna start it back up. I’m going to hit power and I’m going to start tapping the ON Button and F2 Button right away.

This takes us to this screen:

Shutting Off with F2

So this is the screen that we want yours may look a little different but up top, it says HP Hardware Diagnostics that’s what we’re gonna try to run. As you can see you have your memory test you can run your hard drive checks that’s what we’re gonna do. So, I’m going to scroll down to my hard drive check first that’s kind of the most common skin you can run.

HP Hard Drive Check

You have an option between quick check and extensive check! I will always run the quick check first, it’ll generally let you know a little faster. If something’s wrong if it comes back negative and you’re convinced something’s wrong with your computer or you’re still seeing the symptoms feel free to run the extensive check but always start by trying to save yourself some time with the quick check. Go ahead and enter starting hard drive check.

This will run through it says right here smart check it’s already constant short DST if this check fails if you fail the short DST or if you get another error message failing and your hard drive is bad, try reseeding at first what that means is unplug your hard drive plug it back in make sure that the connection is secure and try running the skin again the same thing that goes. If you’re running your ram check or your memory check if it comes back as failed, try taking out your RAM sticks and putting them back in making sure they’re secure.

Short DST Failed error on HP

Because these things do come loose, so this is how you would access your diagnostic software.

We hope you enjoy Diagnostic Scan For HP Laptops and that your problem is resolved. Thanks

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